Shukla Tirth, Melaka

Shukla Tirth Retreat Centre, located in the historic city of Melaka, Malaysia, is the only Heartfulness retreat centre in the South East Asian region. It was formally inaugurated on 30th April 2016.

The name Shukla means “Sacred Place” and Tirth means “a place of pilgrimage”. The centre is a beautiful, secluded cottage set within the Orna Golf and Country Resort, a gated and guarded community in Melaka. Shukla Tirth offers a serene, quiet and peaceful environment suitable for retreatants to introspect, contemplate and go deeper into their inner space.

The first three days of the retreat are spent in silence; after that, retreatants may remain quiet, read, and participate in light volunteer work. Women and men retreat on alternate months.

Accommodation is provided in comfortable shared rooms with A/C and toilet facilities.

Retreatants can prepare their own vegetarian meals in the well equiped kitchen.

How to apply: Applicants who have practised Heartfulness meditation for a minimum of one year may complete an application at the link below to enroll in a 3- to 10-night stay. 

Please note: Visitors should plan to reach the retreat centre by 5 p.m. as it is best to locate Shukla Tirth by daylight. 


3509, Jalan OG 4/14, Orna Golf and Country ClubBatu 16, Jalan Gapam, Bemban, 77200 Hang Tuah Jaya, Melaka, Malaysia

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