The Master's role in our lives is that of one who initiates the dormant forces of evolution.


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The Heartfulness system has had four living guides, or masters, each one passing on his spiritual condition and teachings to his most capable disciple.


"Behind the drop the sea extends, The sea supports the drop. To make the drop realise the ocean, is all the Reality.”

Shri Ram Chandra of Fatehgarh, affectionately known as Lalaji, was the first guide in the Heartfulness tradition. He revived the ancient art of yogic transmission so that all seekers with sincere interest in their evolution could experience the highest expansion of consciousness.

It was Lalaji’s conviction that family life was most conducive to self-development. In fact, he credited his wife with inspiring him and keeping him alert on the path of truth.

By nature Lalaji was always calm, but easily moved by the pains and pleasures of others. Rarely was he angered. Not given to superfluous talk, he was adept at using language to communicate his thoughts and captivate the hearts of his listeners. His personality, mode of living and general behaviour earned Lalaji the affection and respect of everyone.

The art of transmission was passed from Lalaji to Shri Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur (known as Babuji), who became the second guide in the Heartfulness tradition.



"A good heart, benevolent feelings and a balanced mind lie as a foundation of character.

Babuji was born on 30th April 1899 in the north Indian town of Shahjahanpur (Uttar Pradesh). From an early age, he displayed a craving for spiritual realization that overshadowed all other interests.

He held the position of clerk in the district court of Shahjahanpur for more than thirty years. He was married at the age of nineteen and his wife, Bhagwati, bore him two daughters and four sons before her death in 1949.

In June 1922, at the age of twenty-two, he met Lalaji, who recognized Babuji as the person who had appeared in his dream years before as his successor.

Babuji was, by nature, the humblest of people and had immense faith in his guide. He was confident that seekers of every culture and nationality would embrace the simple and effective practices that he offered. In 1972, he took the Heartfulness method to Europe and America, accompanied by his attendant, Shri Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari of Chennai. Parthasarathi, known to his associates as Chariji, was later chosen to succeed Babuji as the third guide in the Heartfulness tradition.


"The unity of human beings can only come through the heart."

Shri Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari, also known as Chariji, was born in Vayalur (near Chennai) in the south of India.

Chariji’s conscious spiritual aspirations were awakened at the age of eighteen when he heard a lecture on the Bhagavad Gita, but he continued with his studies, and graduated from Benares Hindu University with a Bachelor of Science degree. His first job was in chemical engineering after which he spent two years in Yugoslavia studying plastics manufacturing techniques.

He married in 1955 and joined the T. T. Krishnamachari group of companies the same year, soon rising to the position of executive director to one of the companies in the group. His work required him to travel extensively in India and abroad, establishing a pattern of world travel that he continued throughout his life, both professionally and then in his role as a Heartfulness guide.

He wrote and published over one hundred books. His book, My Master, a tribute to his beloved Babuji, has been translated into 20 languages. Other books include diaries of his overseas travels with Babuji, an autobiography and numerous volumes of his talks in India and abroad representing and amplifying his Master’s teaching.

Chariji passed away on 20th December 2014, passing on the role of the global Heartfulness guide to Shri Kamlesh D. Patel, affectionately known as Daaji.

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"Take each day as an opportunity and aspire to excel in every aspect of life."

Shri Kamlesh D. Patel (affectionately known as Daaji) was born on 28th September 1956, in Gujarat, India. From an early age he was interested in spirituality and meditation, and eventually came to the feet of his guide, Shri Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur (Babuji), the founder-president of Shri Ram Chandra Mission, while still a student of pharmacy in Ahmedabad in 1976.

After graduating, he moved to the USA, and became a successful pharmacist in New York City, while continuing the practice of Sahaj Marg meditation with great devotion.

Following the mahasamadhi of Chariji on the 20th December 2014, he is now the spiritual Master of the Sahaj Marg system of Raja Yoga meditation and president of SRCM.

Daaji co-authored a book entitled ‘The Heartfulness Way’, along with Joshua Pollock which became the number one bestseller in in 2018. The book was published January 2018. In February 2019, Daaji released his second book, ‘Designing Destiny.’ While the ‘Heartfulness Way’ focused on the meditation practises of Heartfulness, ‘Designing Destiny’ puts these practises in the context of lifestyle.

Heartfulness Guidebooks

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The Heartfulness Way

Heart Based Meditations for Spiritual Transformation.

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Designing Destiny

Heartfulness Practices to Find Your Purpose and Fulfill Your Potential.

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